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There is no higher qualification than a cycle-breaker who has undergone professional training to assist others. Her extensive experience in communication through community policing, then working as a ranked detective, allowed her to seamlessly move into her role as a Jay Shetty certified life coach.

The author of House of Hyenas (2024), an advocate for fairness, and a captivating public speaker, Teresa created a formula which works to reset and strengthen the future of those who want to fully understand themselves on a deeper level​

Teresa has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice with emphasis on public administration, is certified in crisis management, has led crisis management teams, and is experienced as a sexual assault response team member. Her awards are related to going above and beyond the call of duty’, receiving her stork wings, extended stand-off situations with gunmen, and being an influential force in bringing rape aggression defense (RAD) to her community and local military bases. 

Her knowledge of human behavior and mindsets sets her apart as she has lived and breathed crises—she is an ideal leader and coach to help others find their purpose, identify their challenges, and reach beyond their potential through her unique blend of coaching and accountability.

“Look for the helpers,” said Mr. Rogers. Teresa’s early years uniquely prepared her for the opportunity to practice what she now teaches, and to become one of those iconic helpers. Teresa's childhood required her to listen and then trust her intuition to keep her safe.  This led her to become aware of her core values, then use them to create a better life.  Consistency allowed Teresa to unlock her gifts of supporting and guiding others. Spectacular results continue for all those she works with, for when they understand their own story they recognize their own resilience and enter a path of positive change.


Intriguingly, Teresa is inspired by the female hyena, an intelligent, successful, leader which has led its species through a powerful, matriarchal position in the animal kingdom.   Teresa models her strength on the essence of these magnificent creatures, exampling their remarkable qualities of sociability and resilience. Just like the hyena, Teresa leads by embracing her ability to adapt, connect, and thrive in challenging circumstances.


Early Life

The Detective

The force opened the door to the world for Teresa; it was where she honed her leadership skills. Every day presented the opportunity to: listen, problem solve, mentor, troubleshoot, manage crises, express empathy, and example teamwork. The world was able to benefit from Teresa's skillset, each community becoming a better place because of her. 

The Present

In this ever-changing world,  we need connection to complete our stories. We need mentors/coaches to sit across from us and listen to our deepest fears and our greatest desires. Approachable, skilled professionals can do both in a safe setting and lead us through our story, bring attention our resilience, nurture  our determination, and lead us to find our strength... to become unmesswithable.  

Unmesswithable =


Drawing from her diverse life experiences, including her time as a detective in the police force, Teresa brings a unique perspective and depth of understanding to her work as a life coach. She has harnessed her inner strength and tenacity to empower others to overcome their own obstacles, break free from limiting beliefs, and unlock their true potential.​


With her captivating storytelling skills and thought-provoking insights, Teresa engages audiences as a storyteller, leaving a lasting impact and inspiring individuals to embrace change and recognize their own resilience. As an emerging author, she explores the depths of the human experience, encouraging self-reflection and personal growth.


Teresa's journey from adversity to triumph, and her affinity with the hyena, serves as a testament to her unwavering spirit and her ability to thrive in the face of adversity. She stands as a shining example of the transformative power of understanding resilience and determination and harnessing the healing power of story.


Teresa possesses a deep understanding and connection with others, creating a safe and supportive space for people  to grow and transform.


Teresa's strength and determination fuels her ability to overcome setbacks which serves as an example for others. 


Teresa effectively conveys ideas and emotions.  Because she excels as a listener, she leaves a lasting impression on everyone. 


Teresa is a graceful changemaker. Her ability to navigate challenging circumstances is seamless. She is an expert at understanding what is needed in the moment. 


Meet the Team

Meet our exceptional team—a united force driven by a shared vision and a commitment to excellence. Together, we aim to meaningfully impact and achieve remarkable results that alter the course of people's lives.

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