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House of Hyenas

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Teresa is a former police detective, motivational author, and public speaker with a brilliant mindset and strong personality who created House of Hyenas.  Teresa helps women overcome personal challenges so that they can achieve their goals and live a happy, confident, resilient life. As an exceptional self-development and wellness coach, Teresa inspires with stories of personal growth and resilience, to embrace your inner strength. Once you enter the house of hyenas you will find a sistership in which to thrive. 

Never underestimate the willpower of a Hyena 

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Captivated and Compelling


...with a commanding presence and a gift for conveying strength by inspiring resilience and determination.

Challenging Status Quo


... life stories that explore human behavior, touch hearts, and stimulate minds. 

Push Past Limitations  

Life Coach

... create a life of purpose and fulfilment by using cutting edge tools and strategies  to overcome obstacles. Unleash YOUR inner strength. 

Proven Success



... supports valued roles; balancing  all the responsibilities involved in  nurturing self, family, and community.

Rows of Classical Columns

"Change is like wine. It takes time to harvest, ferment, and bottle.

Only then will it be truly magnificent."

Expressions of immense gratitude for Teresa’s insightful guidance and consistent support make up a large part of clients’ conversations about their experiences. They talk about the speed in which they were able to understand concepts, clear obstacles, unlock their potential, and achieve remarkable personal growth. Clients speak of Teresa's empathy and the safe and nurturing space she creates for their innermost thoughts and emotions.  Put simply, the partnership that is co-created is key to their growth.  Clearly, Teresa’s exceptional ability to inspire and motivate,  ignites a fire within each to pursue their dreams.

What Clients are Saying About Tersea

Her expertise in guiding me to set realistic and achievable action plans was truly remarkable. 

Mark F.

Teresa offered invaluable emotional support and encouragement during moments of doubt or setbacks. 

Rebecca T.

She listens to everything I have to say and can pick out an area l am struggling in

Lisa E.

Highly recommend. She is very comfortable to speak to, confidential with your information, and flexible to fit into your own schedule. 

Janeice P.

In a few sessions she was able to unscramble my thoughts and help me move forward with ideas and decisions. 

Kelsey P.

Teresa showed immense understanding, empathy, and a genuine desire to help me uncover my true potential. 

Sarah S.

Why Teresa Stands Out in the Crowd

Her creativity is unparalleled. Her trademark formula from her book, The House of Hyenas, drives the engine of change:

Story + Resilience + Determination = Unmesswithable.

An outstanding certified life coach, with a background people write stories about, Teresa has created her own path as a beacon of uniqueness, carved from resilience, determination, and unshakable spirit. She fearlessly guides others on transformative journeys, inspiring them to unlock their true potential. Drawing from her own exceptional ability to bounce back from setbacks, she inspires her clients to break through limitations so that they can achieve remarkable personal growth. Her distinct approach and unyielding commitment leads clients to embrace their own strength and remove barriers in their lives.

Resilience is not simply the ability to bounce back; it is the strength to rise, adapt, and thrive amidst adversity, therefore transforming challenges into stepping stones toward growth and greatness.

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