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House of Hyenas

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The House of Hyenas:

Dare to gather as a hyena in a sistership of strength.

Understand your world and become unmesswithable.


This paperback book is now available for preorder.  All books will be shipped out when printed; the estimated time of shipment is April 10, 2024.

Paperback: 979-8-9899699-0-6

eBook: 979-8-9899699-1-3

About The Book

The House of Hyenas is a memoir and self-growth book which includes common life-coaching questions and practical answers. Its unique format supports women who want positive change, and connects them to a force within. It is based on a formula created by its author, Teresa Collins:




Reading the stories of others, and recounting and recording our own, allows us to witness resilience and identify our own. It lets us tie up loose ends and fires our determination to build a new future. To be unmesswithable is to be in charge of your own life.


Honoring the force in you is not cocky

it is a product of your awareness.


Collins was influenced by generational dysfunction. A child of a teen parent, and a teen parent herself, she had a few run-ins with local police. Through sheer determination to break the cycle, she enrolled in further education, returned to school for a second degree, joined law enforcement, and rose to the rank of detective.


Through a deep dive, she discovered her higher self: enter the hyena—organized as a powerful sisterhood, the female hyena serves as a mirror for inner-strength; the book brings focus to this concept in a highly engaging way and connects it to Collins’ situations.


The House of Hyenas invites women to challenge themselves while championing each other.



About the Author

Former detective, Teresa Tretbar Collins, is a self-development and wellness coach, and the creator of a formula that works to reset the future of women who want positive change.


Her uniquely formatted memoir and self-growth book, The House of Hyenas, combines her ‘against all odds’ birth to a teenage mom, her own teen pregnancy, further education, and a career in law enforcement, with real-life questions and practical answers, higher-self narratives, and police calls she attended that reflect community issues. An active support in her daughter’s personal and professional life, Teresa has merged her coaching career with her love of travel. At any given time she is on the road or on location with her two Great Danes, Ruby and Flo.

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