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10 Ways To Be More Authentically YOU- Part 2

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

In part one of the blog series, I discussed the first 5 ways to be more authentic when you find yourself feeling out of touch with who you really are. Or you feel like you’re trying to be someone else to fit in or feel accepted. Remember it’s important to know you are unique and amazing, and you deserve to embrace your true self. Authenticity is key to living an honest and fulfilling life, and it all starts with recognizing and accepting yourself. In part 2 of this blog series, I will share the remaining 5 ways to help you become more authentic in your life. I hope this post continues to inspire and empower you to be true to yourself and live life on your own terms.

6) Set boundaries

Boundaries are an important part of being authentic. Setting boundaries is about understanding what you will and won't accept in your life and then communicating that to others. It’s about saying “no” to things that don’t align with your values, beliefs, and sense of self. When you set boundaries, you create more space to be yourself, without fear of judgement or criticism from others.

To set boundaries, it’s important to become aware of what’s comfortable for you and what’s not. For instance, if you don’t like people making jokes about your appearance, it’s ok to say so. Or, if someone offers unsolicited advice and it doesn’t align with your values, you can politely decline their input.

Once you know what types of boundaries to set, the next step is to communicate them to those around you. This might involve having a conversation with a friend or family member, or simply being direct and upfront when someone crosses a line. Establishing your boundaries is essential in maintaining your authenticity.

Setting boundaries can take time and practice, but it’s worth it to be true to yourself. By becoming aware of your limits and communicating them to others, you are taking ownership of your life and creating an environment for yourself where you can fully express your authentic self.

7) Be yourself

It's easy to feel like you must put on a facade and pretend to be someone else in order to fit in and be accepted. But it's important to remember that being yourself is the most empowering thing you can do. Being authentic means honoring your true self, your feelings, and your values. It's okay to make mistakes, express your emotions, and follow your own path.

When you're true to yourself, you're free from the expectations of others and you're able to live life with intention and purpose. You don't need to worry about what other people think or try to please them. Instead, you can focus on making choices that make you happy and fulfilling your personal goals.

8) Accept yourself

When we accept ourselves, we become more open to embracing who we truly are. To accept yourself is to stop trying to be perfect or trying to fit into what others think you should be. Acceptance means loving and honoring who you are and understanding your strengths and weaknesses. It’s about embracing all your imperfections, quirks, and unique qualities that make you special.

When we accept ourselves, we become more confident in our decisions and trust ourselves more. We become less fearful of judgement and criticism from others because we know that our opinion is the only one that matters. We are able to let go of our inner critic and be kinder and more compassionate towards ourselves. We can start to move away from self-destructive behavior, such as people pleasing, perfectionism, and comparison.

Accepting ourselves is an ongoing practice and it takes time, but it’s worth it. Start by focusing on the things that you like about yourself, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. Appreciate your unique talents, skills, and qualities and recognize them for what they are. Make time for self-care and do something that brings you joy each day. Give yourself permission to be human – it’s ok to make mistakes, have bad days, or feel overwhelmed. Instead of beating yourself up for being imperfect, show yourself kindness and grace.

Remember that you don’t have to strive for perfection to be worthy of love and acceptance. Being authentic means embracing who you truly are, flaws and all.

9) Love yourself

Learning to love yourself is one of the most powerful things you can do in order to be more authentic. It’s important to start by recognizing that you are worthy of love, just as you are. This doesn’t mean you need to condone all of your behaviors or thoughts, but rather, it means that you recognize the inherent value in your being.

One of the best ways to learn to love yourself is to practice self-compassion. Make sure to talk to yourself with kindness and understanding, especially when you feel down or make a mistake. Self-compassion allows us to recognize that we are not perfect, but also accept our imperfections.

It is also helpful to practice self-care. Taking time for yourself to relax and do something enjoyable can help reduce stress and increase feelings of contentment. Whether it’s taking a yoga class, reading a book, speaking to your life coach or spending time outdoors, find something that brings you joy and make time for it every day.

Finally, make sure to forgive yourself for any mistakes or missteps. We are all human, and it’s only natural to make mistakes from time to time. When these moments occur, take a deep breath, forgive yourself, and then look for ways to move forward.

10) Embrace your imperfections

We all make mistakes, and nobody is perfect. But if you want to be more authentic, it’s important to accept and embrace your imperfections. This can be a difficult thing to do, as it may involve facing your fears, insecurities, and flaws. It can also be intimidating to take responsibility for your mistakes, rather than trying to hide or deny them.

However, by embracing your imperfections, you’ll be able to cultivate self-acceptance and open yourself up to greater opportunities for growth. You’ll also learn to have compassion for yourself and others, understanding that everyone makes mistakes at times.

Rather than looking for perfection, try to focus on learning from each mistake and striving for progress. This can help you be more authentic in your life, as you’re no longer afraid of making mistakes or trying something new. As you practice this approach to life, you’ll be able to take more risks, challenge yourself, and express yourself more authentically.

It can be difficult to practice being authentic when it feels like everyone around you is doing something different. However, it's important to remember that it's okay to be different and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to life. Embrace your unique traits and gifts and use them to your advantage. When you are true to who you are, you are more likely to attract people into your life who respect and appreciate the real you. So, start today by taking a step toward being more authentic and embracing all aspects of who you are.


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